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This 1861 building is Texas' oldest surviving antebellum courthouse. It was rededicated in 2012 following full restoration under the THC Courthouse Program. That restoration took the courthouse back to 1934 - the year Congressman Wright Patman secured first round PWA funding for substantial repairs to the building following a fire that gutted the courtroom and imploded the central part of the roof.

As part of those same federally funded improvements, four 1934 single-globe lampposts were installed on the outside corners of the courthouse grounds. All four PWA lampposts were auctioned off in 1957, but in 2011 concerned citizens located the four and funded their installation under a 50% match secondary grant from the THC.

Thus does the 1861 building with its 1934 repairs serve as centerpiece for both the 1848 county seat and for Linden's own collection of New Deal Era town features. One of these features, the WPA 1938 Cass County Building, is visible here just to the left of the Courthouse. 

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