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Why Texarkana?

Downtown Texarkana is unique as a bi-City, bi-State historic core. Founded in 1873 at the junction of two railroads, State Line Avenue follows the Texas-Arkansas state line throughout the center of downtown and much of Texarkana. The architecture is of an impressive scale and reflects that of a prominent center for regional commerce and government with grand hotels, arts and cultural facilities, large government buildings and Union Station with several straddling the state line.

The revitalization of downtown is a priority for both cities. The downtown strategy focuses on supporting the Texarkana Arts & Historic District partners,  enhancing the Farmer's Markets, and supporting small business development through the  EPA Brownfields Program. Other major projects include the Grim Hotel redevelopment, Texarkana National Bank restoration, the Texas Perot Theater revitalization and adjoining art park, restoration of the Scott Joplin mural, and a redesign of the pedestrian amenities around the federal courthouse and famous Photographer's Island. Texarkana, TX has been awarded an NEA Our Town grant to design an arts-focused pedestrian-friendly promenade that unites the many arts and cultural assets.  The City of Texarkana, AR, is also working diligently in the downtown area with new businesses, redevelopment projects for new living space and improvements in public event spaces.

In addition, Main Street Texarkana works to stimulate business opportunity in the Main Street Program area offering loan and grant programs to support business development and property improvements. It is an exciting time to be in downtown!  Availability is updated here regularly. Please contact Main Street Texarkana for more information on expanding or locating downtown.


Population 152,190
Median Household Income $42,449

Investment Incentives

  • Revolving Loan Fund
  • Façade Grant
  • Other Grant
  • Sign Grant
  • Paint Grant
  • Low Interest Loan Program